Press Kit

Welcome to the Fancy Horror Press Kit page! Shhh, this page is sacred and secret.

Link to music:
MLD Recordings

Short Bio:
Fancy Horror makes alt-psych music out of Chicago, IL. If the authors Philip K Dick and Stephen King had a band that wrote the soundtrack to a Black Mirror season, the resulting band would be similar to that of Fancy Horror. They will fill you with fuzz, buzz, weird thoughts, and new words just ‘cuz. Sounds are best received when standing in a $3 tall-boy kind of bar.


Social Media pages:
Instagram fancyhorror
Facebook: Fancy Horror
Twitter @FancyHorror

Fancy Horror skull logo: Skull and pipe logo – Fancy Horror
Fancy Horror band photo: Google Drive – Fancy suits
Fancy Horror live video (Opioid Dopioid – Gallery Cabaret Dec18): Video – Google Drive

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